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What is Retool?

Retool is a low-code development software that allows you to create internal tools for your business without code.

With Retool, you don’t have to worry about UI and databases anymore, because the visually designed interface allows you to focus completely on your goal.

It also offers advanced capabilities for creating robust and scalable systems that are integrated with everything you need.

Get the best out of the tool

Why Retool?


Simple visual builder:

With the simple building blocks of the tool you can create complete programs yourself: tables, lists, charts, forms, maps, etc.


Easy connection to external databases:

Retool can connect to most databases or anything that has a REST, GraphQL or gRPC API.



If there is something you can’t do with Retool, you can just integrate this.

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Develop your idea with No-Code solutions and discover all integration possibilities.


You don’t know yet how to implement your No-Code tool? At Blinno, we help you do just that.


Become an expert in this No-Code tool with our personalized courses and training.

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